Unknotting Common Law Marriage Issues in Probate with Attorney Shawn Williamson

In this episode of Before You Go…, Stacy Kelly and Keith Morris of The Blum Firm welcome guest Shawn Williamson, Senior Associate Attorney at The Blum Firm and an experienced negotiator in probate litigation. Stacy, Keith and Shawn discuss the basics of common law marriage and the types of disputes it brings up in probate litigation, including what it takes to prove common law marriage and why it can be a big, “spicy” issue. They also share real life examples of attempts to prove common law marriage and attempts to fib about the existence of one.

Did they have a common law marriage, or not? Whether you leave behind a will or not, determining if there was a valid common law marriage can have a big impact on families, and on inheritance and property issues in probate litigation.

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